Auto Inspection & Maintenance In Richardson Texas

We can take a look under the hood

Auto Inspection & Maintenance In Richardson Texas is over rated, right? There’s probably no need to have a used car inspected before you purchase it, right? What could go wrong? Without a thorough inspection your family car or  that “sweet ride” you are about to purchase can quickly turn into  rolling money pit. Most people

have been in this spot at one time or another. It doesn’t have to be that way. You deserve the peace-of-mind to know that the car or truck you are putting your family in is road worthy. There’s no better place in Richardson to get vehicle inspection than Road Masters Auto service. We know that many pre-owned vehicles have been involved in accidents. That’s bad enough, but to make things worse, we have seen countless instances where the car or truck has been repaired just well enough to fool the average buyer, and then create potentially serious risks to you and your family’s safety. We also have seen car and truck engines that have been masked to look acceptable but quickly show signs of immediate repairs to the trained auto service technician. Road Masters ASE certified mechanics take special caution when it comes to inspecting used vehicles. We look at everything from the headlights to rear differential. We inspect all the vehicle’s body panels and frame for damage and previous repairs. We check for damage from floods, undercarriage rust concerns in northern vehicles, and check to see if the vehicle has any outstanding safety recalls that need attention. Our team advises you of any repairs or potential maintenance costs of this type of vehicle. We also double check the Kelly Blue Book value to determine if the asking price falls in line with market value. Road Masters Auto Service wants you to have a car or truck you can have confidence in, which is why we want to make sure that it is working, functional, and doesn’t prove to be a more costly investment than you bargained for. We provide high level pre-owned vehicle inspections to ensure the cars transmission, A/C and heating system, brakes, cooling, engine, drive axle, steering and suspension, exterior/interior, and even the luggage compartment are in great shape before you buy. Contact us today to schedule a pre-purchase vehicle inspection and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

Auto Inspection & Maintenance

Every car on the road today has certain things that need to be evaluated at specific mileage and time intervals so you can keep your vehicle in top running condition. Luckily for you, we know our Buicks from our Toyotas and know the distinct needs each and every make and model has. At Road Master’s Auto Service, we we understand how important it is to keep up with required and suggested maintenance so that we can keep you on the road. Anyone that’s ever been stuck on the side of the road in Richardson in August can attest to the fact that it’s no fun at all; not to mention expensive! In the case of maintenance on your car or truck, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Cars in Dallas are not cheap. Let us help you protect your investment so you can keep a well functioning car for the long run.

When you call Road Masters Auto Service to bring your car or truck in for regular maintenance with us, we make sure that the service you need is performed and completed with care and diligence. Steve and Craig, the owners, wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only will you get outstanding service on scheduled maintenance, but we will keep a sharp eye out for any other issues that could cause you problems in the near future. A small leak today could be a breakdown tomorrow. Here are a few of the more common maintenance areas we can handle for you:

Oil & Filter Change

Ever heard the debate over “natural” vs “synthetic” oil and which one was better? Have you wondered what your car or truck needed? Ever wonder if you need a different viscosity based on the age or mileage of your car? There are many factors to be considered to find the right oil for your vehicle and driving conditions you most often face. Just stop in and we’ll get the right solution for you.

Tires and Wheels 

It may be possible to just completely skip any tire and wheel maintenance. You can just wait for a blow-out. The resulting insurance settlement from a 5 car pile up on Central Expressway will probably cover new tires anyway. But if you’d prefer a little less excitement and a little more predictability from your highway driving, then let us inspect, rotate and balance those tires. I promise you that your family and all the other drivers on the road will appreciate it.

Engine And Diagnosis 

Let us keep tabs on your engine diagnostics before a damaging engine failure sidelines your car for an extended period and makes a small problem much more complicated. Keep in mind that Steve and Craig (our owners) are ASE certified Master Technicians and are completely qualified to diagnose and repair any engine performance or emission issues you may face. The Crew at Road Masters knows the ins and outs of engine performance and can determine the best repair available.

Factory Maintenance 

Your manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule is often overlooked or considered to be optional. Even though your car doesn’t seem to be in need of any immediate attention, it is highly  important to follow these guidelines. Because we can do it all, Road Masters Auto Service  has the right tools and talent to handle any factory scheduled maintenance requirements.It is imperative to maintain your vehicle to protect the investment you made when you purchased it. But you don’t have to take it to the dealer to do the service. We are a qualified ASE certified auto repair facility with the experience and equipment to perform the service and the warranty to stand behind it. You can expect your car or truck to be returned to you the same day and we will even give you a lift to and from the office if that makes it easier for you. Call us now to get your car taken care of.

At Road Masters Auto Service, we make our clients aware of any auto repairs such as faulty or malfunctioning parts so you’re not left broken down and stranded. Repairing these items now can be critical in preserving your vehicle, reducing stress from painstaking repairs, and saving money in the long-term. More importantly, we want our clients to get maximum service at the right price.

Our fully certified ASE trained professionals take the time and care to service your vehicle. We also invest in the latest equipment and tools, and continue our education on vehicle maintenance requirements in order to provide you the best auto maintenance coupled with the best customer service. Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance requirements.

Protect your investment and contact Road Masters Auto Service to schedule an appointment today.