Richardson Car RepairSteve Mooneyhan and Craig Jordan are two lucky guys.

They Run The Best Auto Repair Shop In Richardson.

Both Steve and Craig discovered very early in life what they wanted to do. They loved anything mechanical. Anything with wheels. We’ll probably never know just how many left-over parts they had from their first attempts at fixing their bikes, or how many skinned knuckles they endured while they were perfecting their craft, but we know they kept tinkering and learning because their skills kept growing. Today they are two of the best mechanics in Richardson. Just check their reviews online or ask around. They’ve been repairing vehicles in the city for over 20 years. You can’t keep a track record like that unless you’re at the top of your game. Luckily for all of us around North Dallas, They are!  Their “toys” have gotten a bit bigger and their tools are more sophisticated, but their commitment to the providing the best service and their enthusiasm for their work remain just as strong.

As far as credentials go, they got ‘em. Both are ASE certified Master L1 technicians. Only about 13% of all mechanics in the nation qualify for that designation. Today they are proud to say they own the shop! When you visit Road Masters Auto Service in Richardson,  you will deal with the owners and you will sense their commitment to excellence in automotive service.

Richardson Car RepairSteve and Craig can afford to stay in the shop tending to all the tasks at hand because they have Christine Mooneyhan inside. Christine is married to Steve and has been right beside he and Craig through the years. If Steve & Craig are the “brains in the back” then Christine is the soul of Road Masters up front. She is likely the first person you will meet or speak with and you won’t find a more dedicated customer service professional in the auto service industry. She is just as dedicated to providing a great customer experience as they guys are to their work, and her reviews bear that out. Christine always pushes beyond “what’s expected” and thinks about what’s possible. That’s why you will often find complimentary snacks int he waiting area… Not because she has to, but because it just might help brighten someone’s day. If you need to get some work done while your cars being serviced, Christine has arranged for free wifi. Christine is a master at helping get you anything you need while your cars in the shop. Christine gracefully handles all the administrative tasks that the business requires and is the resident Social Media Maven. If you reach out to Road Masters on any of the social links or email on this site, Christine will be the one to handle your inquiry.

We’ll put some real, recent pictures of the crew up if Christine can keep the boys out of the grease long enough to get some pics taken. In the meantime, feel free to head over to our facebook page, or better yet, stop by the shop. We’d love to meet you in person.!